Batttipav Prime 100 Bridge Saw


Art. 9100 Bridge saw ideal for the building sector suitable for straight and 45° angle cuts of Bricks, Stones, Granite, Marble and slabs.

Features & Benefits


  • Single phase engine 230V 50Hz 3Hp/2,2 KW with thermal and amperometrical protection
  • Switch with release coil
  • Overheat protection with manual reset
  • Sliding cutting head and tilting engine - Cutting progress system with hand wheel
  • Adjustable legs - Adjustable goniometric fence
  • Water recycling pump type S3
  • Max cutting length: 100 cm
  • Max cutting depth at 90°: 11 cm
  • Max cutting depth with 2 RUNS: 18 cm
  • Max cutting depth at 45°: 8 cm Water tank capacity (min/max): 22/34 liters
  • Water cooled
  • Disk Ø 350 mm not included
  • Three phase engine available upon request.


  • Diamond blades spray cooling system.
  • Fast Leg System for Easy Storage of machine.
  • W-DEC Water-decanting System prevents grout accumulating in the Pump system.
  • AxT Trademark – High Quality association between Submersible Pump and Masonry Saw.

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