Wacker Neuson Compact Excavators


Wacker Neuson sets new standards for compact excavators with its new generation of models in the 1.7 through 2.4 t class. Tried and tested innovations are retained and combined with completely new development approaches. The result: A comprehensively renewed machine class right down to the finest details, which promises greater efficiency and performance.

Our best selling Model is the 1401 – which boasts the largest cabin in the 1.5 ton class.

The 1404 Model is a class champion when it comes to weight and cabin size. Thus, you profit from efficiency output and comfort in equal measure. The 1401 is ideally suited for excavating applications in tight spaces. The 1404 features a canopy compliant with TOPS and ROPS regulations. Two models are available, a short and long dipper stick. Powered by the economical Yanmar 3-cylinder diesel engine, the 1404 track excavator offers rubber track, dozer blade and boom-mounted working light. Load sensing Hydraulic system features multi-function operation, oil cooler and pilot joystick controls. Dipper stick-mounted auxiliary hydraulic connection for two directions of motion and control pattern change system.

Compact and comfortable – the 3.8 ton EZ38 zero tail excavator proves that both are possible. For instance, due to their design without tail overhang you can also perform lateral work movements at edges. At the same time, the models have a spacious cabin with many comfort functions.



Operating weight

Digging Depth

Dumping height

L x W x H

Engine performance

803 Dual Power

1,088 kg

1,731 mm

2,035 mm

2746 x 700 x 1507 mm

9.6 kW


1,030 kg

1,731 mm

2,035 mm

2746 x 700 x 1507 mm

9.6 kW


1,530 kg

2,240 mm

2,370 mm

3645 x 990 x 2276 mm

13.2 kW


1,745 kg

2,100 mm

2,500 mm

3800 x 990 x 2290 mm

13.4 kW


2,025 kg

2,400 mm

2,720 mm

4030 x 990 x 2295 mm

13.4 kW


2,210 kg

2,420 mm

2,750 mm

4030 x 1400 x 2390 mm

13.4 kW


2,640 kg

2,620 mm

2,925 mm

4410 x 1370 x 2370 mm

19.2 kW


3,600 kg

3,230 mm

3,620 mm

5170 x 1620 x 2405 mm

23.7 kW


5,905 kg

3,845 mm

3,995 mm

5800 x 1990 x 2570 mm

43.7 kW


8,130 kg

4,290 mm

4,840 mm

6570 x 2250 x 2710 mm

43.7 kW


15,550 kg

5,000 mm

5,700 mm

7720 x 2490 x 2785 mm

74.9 kW


Features & Benefits


  • Telescoping travel gear (990 –1,300 mm)
  • Fold-over dozer blade extensions
  • 2-way auxiliary hydraulics as standard
  • Ergonomic and spacious cabin that can be easily disassembled via four screws
  • Lift arm cylinders on the top of the boom are protected from damage


  • Innovative, newly designed cab: The redeveloped cab of the ET range sets new standards in terms of clear layout, safety and user comfort with its completely redesigned interior.
  • Powerful and efficient performance: The big diesel engines and new, innovative hydraulic system set new standards of operation.
  • Maximum connection facilities with up to 4 auxiliary control circuits: Up to 4 additional control circuit options are available ex-works for all models of the ET range.
  • Every ET model has its own, optimized undercarriage to guarantee maximum stability and superior drive characteristics in tough everyday conditions.
  • Every ET model has its own, optimized boom system with different dipper stick lengths: Thanks to the strong boom system with a choice of two optional dipper stick lengths, every machine achieves maximum digging strength and excavation values.

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