Turbosol Transnmat 250E


The Transmat 250E used to mix, convey and elevate traditional screeds and light insulations based on expanded clay, polystyrene, perlite, vermiculite, mortars, concretes and aggregates. Available with piping of different diameters, it can mix and pump concretes with particle size of up to 30 mm. Even though it does not replace the concrete pump it can be the ideal tool for renovation jobs where access is difficult and the concrete pump and truck mixer cannot reach.

Features & Benefits


  • Power, reliability and maximum profitability in any intervention are the qualities that characterise it. The logic used in the distribution of power and the high-efficiency of the transmission allow this machine to work in full efficiency with only 5.5 kW of power applied.
  • A mixture of technology, operational flexibility and economic operation, make this the top selling Turbosol Machine in the European market.


  • Combines high-efficiency with economic operation.
  • Functions with 5.5 kW three-phase electric engine.
  • Produces top-quality mixtures.
  • It assures wide operational flexibility, offering three different specific set-ups.
  • The tank internal washing operations are simple and practical.
  • The large hood, which can be opened completely, makes intervention on all parts present in the motor compartment easy.
  • It allows the operator to work easily and in safety.
  • Competitive price and a machine commercial value that adapts through time.
  • It respects national and international safety standards.

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