Wacker Neuson Ride on Power Trowel


The best choice for finishing concrete surfaces. Ride-on trowels of the CRT36 series have a diameter of 2 x 915 mm and are characterized by a high level of productivity and operating comfort. The practical, built-in wheel set can easily be operated from the back side by one person. There are no additional bothersome operator's controls on the front side. As a result, the end user has more freedom when using the machine.

The CRT 48 trowel range features a finishing diameter of 1220 mm. They deliver best results with maximum productivity. Their distinguishing feature is a superior steering system, which makes steering easier and thus prevents early user-fatigue. In addition, the rigid frame ensures excellent steering control. Combined with the ergonomic 2-lever controls it achieves optimum manoeuvrability.

The CRT48 is also available with the electro hydraulic control concept with two joysticks enables accurate manoeuvring and virtually fatigue-free working. Controlled by the joystick modulations the valves of the hydraulic control cylinder are triggered by electrical signals.

The innovative technology of the ride-on trowel CRT60 features an intelligent combination of a hydraulic drive with an electro-hydraulic steering system. The hydraulic drive regulates the engine speed in a way that resembles an automatic transmission of a car. A computer controller constantly monitors the engine speed and adjusts the hydraulic load at the same time. The electro-hydraulic steering concept with two joysticks enables accurate manoeuvring and virtually fatigue-free working. 


CRT36 915 mm
CRT48 1,220 mm
CRT48 with joystick controls 1,220 mm
CRT60 1,500 mm


Features & Benefits


  • The sliding and individually adjustable seat. Work comfortably and conveniently.
  • Sensitive, ergonomically designed 2-lever controls
  • Variable coupling: For constant engine torque at low and high rotor speeds


  • OPTIMUM MANOEUVRABILITY - thanks to its balanced power-to-weight ratio.
  • MORE MOBILITY - Built-in wheel set for and easy blade change on the job site.
  • GOOD VISIBILITY - thanks to front and rear lights as standard – especially on night operations.

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