Turbosol Talent


The Talent plastering machine belonging to the segment of large machines for mixing, pumping and spraying common mortars, ready-mixed and fibre-reinforced plasters for structural renovations, insulating plasters and special mortars.

It can also be used for the injection of cement slurry or to pump grouts and self-levelling screeds


Technical Data






Lombardini Diesel Engine

1003 FOCS - 15 kW


Worm gear pump



Maximum granulometry

4 ÷ 6 mm


Maximum pressure

40 bar


Theorical variable output

from 0 to 55 l/min


Delivery height

50 ÷ 60 m


Delivery distance

80 ÷ 100 m


Hopper Capacity

180 l


Mixer Capacity

160 l (tilting)

160 l (up-righting)

Size (L x W x H)

280 (325^) x 156 x 142 cm

280 (325^) x 156 x 116 cm


< 750 kg

< 750 kg

Features & Benefits


  • New Design – improved frame, hopper with steeper sides, mixing machine and hood.
  • Rational and Practical – electro-mechanical control board, new immediate reading control panel and protection hatch.
  • Sound-proof hood which can be opened completely, tilting mixing machine within the clearance of the wheels and balanced allocation of the weights between axle and suspension bar.
  • Wide access Engine compartment and effective Separation Diaphragm between hot and cold areas.
  • Reduced release of gases by the new 3-cylinder liquid-cooled low engine-speed diesel engine.
  • Practical positioning of the litre-meter and the high-pressure water-jet cleaner.


  • MAXIMUM YIELD - by working large amounts of materials, thanks to the capacity of the mixing machine, of the hopper and the flow rate of the worm-gear pump.
  • MAXIMUM YIELD WITH LOWER FUEL CONSUMPTION - the innovative hydrotronic hydraulic circuit with variable displacement pump allows the Talent to use the minimum amount of oil necessary to supply the requested performance saving up to one litre per hour and improving the working conditions for the engine.
  • USER FRIENDLY - all of the functions are managed by an electro-mechanical control board. Thanks to the reduced loading height of the mixing machine, the large unloading hatch on the hopper, the simple adjustments of the flow rate and the ergonomics of the commands.
  • SIMPLE MAINTENANCE - thanks to easy access to all parts present in the engine compartment, and only a few greasing points for an always-efficient machine.
  • EASY TO WASH - hopper, pump unit and mixing machine are easy to wash using the high-pressure water-jet cleaner (optional).
  • COST EFFECTTIVE - Competitive machine price, commercial value over time and running costs.
  • SAFE TO OPERATE - respecting national and international safety standards.

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