Komptech Crambo


The Crambo Dual-Shaft Shredder is one of the best machines for shredding all types of wood and green cuttings. Two slow-running drums with shredding tools minimize fine particle and noise/dust emissions, and resist contraries. The particle size is configurable by simply exchanging screen baskets.

The Crambo is powered by a modern Caterpillar engine. The complete muffling of the engine compartment reduces noise emissions to a minimum. With load-dependent rotation speed regulation, the hydraulic drum drive ensures that full advantage is taken of the engine output.

Features & Benefits


  • READY FOR ANYTHING - In the extra-large shredding chamber, two 2.8 m counter rotating toothed drums ensure positive feed. From bulky branches and cuttings to rootstocks of any size to used wood contaminated with contraries, it shreds everything down to a defined particle size.
  • PARTICLE SIZE AS DESIRED - The degree of shredding can be adjusted flexibly, either by changing the screen basket, or even more conveniently by changing the entire screen basket cartridge - and the machine is ready for a new job.
  • SIMPLE AND LOGICAL CONTROL - The new operating panel uses symbols that are clearly understandable without text. The menu guidance follows a logic any user can understand, and the screen shows all machine functions graphically.
  • DO MAINTENANCE ON THE MACHINE, NOT IN IT - With the fully redesigned engine compartment, all maintenance for the Crambo direct can now be performed from outside the machine. Easily opened doors give easy access, and fold-out platforms provide a safe footing.


  • Flexible - Large feed area with hydraulic folding hopper.
  • Komptech Plus - Aggressive feed with two long, counter-rotating shredding drums.
  • User Friendly - High degree of selectivity with easy setting of separation limit.
  • Your Choice - Variable particle sizes through simple screen basket change.

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